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This week on The Babes:

October 19 -Life is an adventure, hallowed ground, life insurance, the poker princess, and date night!

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Roz SavageWhen Life's an Adventure!

Roz Savage was a latecomer to adventure sports, and she's made up for lost time! Roz now holds four world records for ocean rowing, and she's the first woman to row three oceans. In 2010, National Geographic named Roz "Adventurer of the Year," and she's written several books including, Rowing the Atlantic: Lessons Learned on the Open Ocean. Roz joins us to discuss her life-altering adventures!

Hallowed Ground

Renowned photographer and writer Doug Keister is dubbed "Chief Tombstone Tourist." He is the author of several guidebooks about cemeteries, including Going Out in Style. Doug shares his stories from beyond the graves of celebrities, Mafia bosses and voodoo queens!

What Does Your Policy Say?

The confusing and frustrating process of evaluating life insurance has led millions of Americans, who are shopping around for a policy, to stay on the proverbial fence. Scott Halliwell is a Certified Financial Planner and the host of a financial segment on the VFW radio show, The National Defense. Scott joins us to sift through the lingo and understand coverage.

The Poker Princess

Molly's GameIn the heart of Hollywood, Molly Bloom was once known as the "poker princess." She had the uncanny ability to organize high stakes poker games for millionaires and celebrities alike. In her late twenties, she built one of the most exclusive, underground poker games in the world and amassed immense wealth before losing it all. Molly shares her story and describes her tell-all book, Molly's Game: From Hollywood's Elite to Wall Street's Billionaire Boys Club, My High Stakes Adventure in the World of Underground Poker.


Finding True Love OnlineDate Night?!

Entering the dating world in mid-life can be a bit overwhelming. Chances are you haven't dated since you were in your twenties, and it's all changed - including the rules! Ken Solin author of The Boomer Guide to Finding True Love Online, helps us navigate the online options!


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