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This week on The Babes:

May 24 - Honoring Memorial Day: WASPs, heroic legacies, servicewomen in today's military, life after war, Doolittle Raiders.

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WASPsA long-overlooked group of women who flew noncombat military missions during WWII were known as Women AirForce Service Pilots, or WASPs. Deanie Bishop Parish is a WASP and Associate Director of Wings Across America, an all volunteer non-profit project devoted to telling the story of this brave group of women. She joins us this Memorial Day to talk about her history-making experiences as a "flygirl" during WWII, and the brave women who gave their lives as WASP pilots.

Melvin MorrisHonoring Heroic Legacies

Melvin Morris is a former Green Beret who received the Medal of Honor, over 40 years late, for his heroic actions during the Vietnam War. He describes being a part of a group of Hispanic, Jewish and African-American Veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam, who were passed over for the nation's highest honor because of their racial or ethnic background.

UndauntedServicewomen Today

Tanya Biank is the author of Army Wives, on which the hit TV series is based, and she's traveled the world with the troops as a newspaper reporter. From these experiences, she's written Undaunted: The Real Story of America's Servicewomen in Today's Military, and explains the effects of lifting the ban on women serving in frontline combat.


Adam BurkeCultivating Life After War

Adam Burke is a 36 year-old Purple Heart recipient who was badly injured in Iraq. This soldier-turned-farmer invites veterans - some of them disabled - to work and live on his Veterans Farm in Florida and literally cultivate new lives.


Doolittle Raiders


Larry Kelley is an organizer, flight leader for the 2012 Doolittle Raiders Reunion, and history buff. Larry shares the important story of the Doolittle Raiders - the mission that was the turning point in World War II.




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