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This week on The Babes:

March 1 - Angels, successful seducers, midlife reinvention, growing up a Capone, shopping smarter!

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The Angel EffectTouched by an Angel?

John Geiger is the CEO of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. In his book, The Angel Effect, John investigates common accounts of extraordinary experiences, where ordinary people claim to have been visited by an "otherworldly presence" in times of great danger or desperation. Are angels heaven-sent or a trick of the mind? John explores this fascinating question with the Babes.

SwoonCapturing Casanova

In the aptly titled, Swoon, cultural historian Betsy Prioleau gives a portrait of successful seducers - and the qualities that make them so good at their craft. Betsy smashes familiar stereotypes about great lovers and what women really want!

Rock On!

Paul CullenA rock star, culinary chef, wine connoisseur, and author of From Bad Company to Good Company - this boomerdude has done it all! Paul Cullen, former bass player for the legendary band, Bad Company, has taken his love of music, wine, and passion for food to a whole new level. Paul joins the Babes to share some wild stories and his own inspiring midlife reinvention.


Growing Up a Capone

Al CaponeIn her book, Uncle Al Capone: The Untold Story from Inside His Family, Deirdre Capone shares first-hand accounts of her experiences with "Uncle Al" and her illustrious family. Deirdre sets the record straight about rumors and allegations that have accumulated over 80 years and what it was like growing up in the Capone family.

Shopping Smarter

For all you consignment loving listeners, there's a new website which offers gently-used designer duds at bargain basement prices. Ann Paolini, Executive Vice President of Sales at RealReal.com, joins us to share the scoop on this fabulous find!



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