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Kathy Bernard and Barbara Kline host the award-winning nationally syndicated 2BoomerBabes Radio Hour, which airs on NPR affiliates and SiriusXM. Each week, the 2BoomerBabes chat with a broad spectrum of guests, including nationally recognized authorities on finance, healthcare, relationships, travel, technology, and everyday people with a story to tell. The program targets nearly 80 million boomers who are experiencing life transitions, discovering new interests, exploring “what’s next,” and changing the rules about aging.

The 2BoomerBabes, hosts of the radio show about baby boomer lifestyles and issues.
Kathy Bernard and Barbara Kline

Gracie Awwards

As empty nesters and friends for a lifetime, Kathy and Barb provide a tongue-in-cheek glimpse into the lives of the largest generation in history -who they are, what they like, and what makes them tick.  The co-hosts are bloggers for The Huffington Post and Pfizer’s GetOld media campaign. 

In addition, they are featured speakers for national businesses, associations and community organizations and have recently joined the Washington Speakers Bureau. They have been named Women of Achievement by Shore Life Magazine, were awarded the prestigious Gracie for a series on Alzheimer’s, and received the Associated Press Award for Best Radio Talk Show for the past several years. 


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